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A.I.S Inc. 419 A.I.S., Inc. has successfully provided unbiased data collection to the Government and Marine Industries since 1988. The goal of the company is to provide fully trained and certified inspectors and observers for maritime activities requiring certification of compliance with environmental regulations as well as collecting data for use by Federal, State, Municipal, and other government agencies. Also, A.I.S. subcontracts and consults for other Prime contractors and private companies.
Advanced Telemetry Systems 312 Advanced Telemetry Systems (ATS) offers innovative and reliable wildlife tracking products designed for researchers world-wide. Our product line includes: VHF and Acoustic Transmitters, Iridium GPS Collars, GPS Loggers, VHF and Acoustic Receivers/Data loggers, Antennas, and more. Visit to see complete product details and to request your same day product quote.
AFS 2020 Annual Meeting Columbus 305 AFS 150th Annual Meeting-2020 Columbus, Ohio
AFS Western Division 304 Joint Western Division and WA/BC Chapter booth to advertise our upcoming annual meeting in Vancouver, BC (April 12-16, 2020)
Alpha Mach Inc. 239 Alpha Mach specializes in miniature and low cost archival tags used in fisheries and biology research. Our instruments offer the opportunity to economically tag a large number of animals or monitor rivers, lakes & tributaries. Our newest logger, the Weetag®, are RFID, implantable and have a large capacity memory.
American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists 246 The mission of this Institute, incorporated in 1956, is to advance excellence in fishery science and to promote stewardship, conservation, sustainability, and wise utilization of natural resources, through support in professional development and recognition of competent achievement of its members, as measured by the highest of professional standards.
Angler’s Atlas 210 Do you recruit anglers for your fisheries research projects? Angler’s Atlas is a digital platform that uses our website, email lists, two mobile apps and social media to recruit anglers for fisheries research projects. Angler projects include mobile creel surveys, non-lethal alternatives to netting surveys, and surveys measuring angler values and preferences. Angler recruitment strategies can be customized for specific research projects, and validation methods are also available to assess the quality of the data.
Big Fin Scientific 251, 250 Big Fin Scientific provides data-gathering equipment and software. Measure fish, frogs or trees, quickly and easily, with a secure and easily-customized digital system. Get rid of transcribing errors and lower your costs.
Biomark Inc 410, 411 Biomark specializes in RFID (PIT tag) and related PIT tagging equipment and services for the fisheries and wildlife communities. Biomark serves the research community by designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining the systems that detect the tags at strategic locations for comprehensive data collection and measurable results.
BioSonics 423 BioSonics, Seattle, WA, offers quality scientific echosounders and advanced software for fisheries and aquatic habitat assessment. Featured products include the DT-X Extreme Autonomous and MX series of portable mobile echosounders, DT-X Automated Monitoring Systems for fish and marine mammal passage and behavior, the DT-X SUB Autonomous Submersible echosounder for seafloor observatories. Compact electronics packages available for USVs and ROVs. Simultaneously acquire fisheries, submerged aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry data and generate maps quickly and easily.
Cardno 415 Cardno is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs.
Central Life Sciences 240 Central Life Sciences offers a variety of piscicides designed to control invasive fish species. These formulas feature rotenone, a general use piscicide naturally derived from the cube resin root. Used by native populations for centuries, rotenone effectively controls all fish species without affecting most mammals, birds and vegetation when applied as directed. Further, rotenone degrades quickly in the environment, making it the ideal choice for maintaining a balanced ecosystem.
Cramer Fish Sciences 201 Cramer Fish Sciences and our molecular genetics team, Genidaqs, are built around a core group of senior scientists with distinguished careers in fisheries and aquatic ecology, forestry, genetics, fluvial geomorphology, biostatistics, and population modeling. We provide many fisheries and aquatic professional services including eDNA, diet and population genetics, riverine habitat restoration, resistance board weirs for managing migratory fish populations, and the patented Aquatic Habitat Sampling Platform.
Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers 307 The Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers (DJV) is a partnership of federal and state agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and professional societies working together to increase the number of women and people of color in the conservation workforce. DJV efforts include introducing students and potential employees to the conservation field, providing resources to individuals to find internships and jobs, advising employers about recruitment and hiring practices, and supporting opportunities for career growth and development.
Duluth Nets 236 Duluth Nets specializes in custom rigged nets including various Trap Nets, Gill Nets, Seines, and many other Fishing net products. Handcrafted in Duluth Minnesota, our nets use premium netting and cordage in the construction of all of our products. Duluth Nets’ experience working with Fisheries personnel allows us to assist Fisheries managers and researchers in a diverse range of projects.
Echoview Software 412 Echoview is the world’s premier software package for hydroacoustic data processing, delivering powerful and flexible capabilities for water-column and bottom echosounder and sonar data processing. With its broad scope and continued commitment to delivering cutting-edge capabilities, Echoview has been widely adopted as the global industry standard by fisheries scientists, aquatic ecologists and environmental managers who need to monitor, understand and manage marine and freshwater environments.
Ecologists Without Borders 420 EcoWB is an international non-profit organization founded by three AFS members in 2011 to promote environmental sustainability and improve societal welfare in at-risk areas of the world through the transfer and application of ecological knowledge and technology, and to support projects that further these goals. Please stop by the EcoWB Exhibit Booth and come to our networking event on Wednesday night to learn how you can volunteer your time and expertise for the common good.
ECORP Consulting, Inc 418 ECORP Consulting, Inc. (ECORP) assists our public and private clients with a broad range of environmental services including technical studies for biological, cultural, and water resources; land use planning; and regulatory compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, federal and state Endangered Species Acts, and other environmental laws and regulations. ECORP has an experienced team of environmental permitting specialists, terrestrial and aquatic species biologists, and geospatial analysts.
Environmental and Cultural Research Logic, LLC 416 ECR Logic offers ECR FieldPro, a multi-platform GIS app, as an online software by subscription which syncs desktops and mobile devices to enhance map layer aggregation and information exchange to speed up field data capture, enhance recording accuracy and eliminate transcription errors, simplify report preparation, and streamline decision-making for all compliance-related environmental field science projects.
ESA 223 ESA is an environmental consulting and planning firm with 50 years of experience in all aspects of project planning, environmental assessment, natural resource management, habitat restoration, and regulatory compliance. Our staff of scientists, engineers, and other experts delivers sustainable solutions based on sound science and innovative approaches. With multiple offices nationwide and an array of technical specialties, clients look to ESA as a single source for well-reasoned, timely, and effective solutions to their project needs.
ETS Electrofishing Systems 212 ETS has provided high performance boat, stream, and backpack electrofishing systems to federal, state, and private agencies for over 30 years. Our systems feature accurate metering and user-friendly precision controls. We offer excellent customer service and design each system to best meet the needs of your agency. ETS continues to innovate with our Trident boat series and advanced stream barge designs.
Eureka Water Probes 224 Eureka Water Probes manufactures multiparameter water quality sondes for surface and ground water monitoring. Manta Plus Sondes may be used for spot checking with hand-held field displays, as self-powered loggers, or for remote continuous real-time monitoring with telemetry stations. The Manta is super easy to use, reliable and operates in the toughest field conditions!
Floy Tag & Manufacturing Co 227 External fisheries research tags manufactured in Seattle, WA.
Freshwaters Illustrated 302, 303 Freshwaters Illustrated works to raise public awareness of freshwater biodiversity, science, and conservation through immersive imagery, films, and visual storytelling. Visit our booth to learn about our films, images, and the benefits of FI Membership… and look for our films in the AFS film session!
Frigid Units, Inc. 226 FRIGID UNITS manufactures various Fiberglass Tanks and Water Chiller/Heater Units. Including our closed re-circulating “Living Stream” which cools, aerates and filters in one operation & our Min-O-Cool. Versatile STREAM MODULES (now in 3 sizes) for a continuous flow of water in limited space. CHILLER/HEATER Units with dual digital thermostat for consistent temperature control. Need something special? We have the flexibility to custom manufacture to special needs.
Great Wildlife Photos 401, 402 I produce artwork from my wildlife photography. I print on canvas, aluminum, and photo paper. These images are displayed in custom frames (not mass produced in China). I also have for sale cards, calendars, post cards, and a book.
HELIX Environmental Planning 245 HELIX Environmental Planning is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing biological, fisheries, and aquatic resource studies; habitat restoration; regulatory permitting; compliance monitoring; and more.
ICF International 403 ICF is a global consulting services company with more than 5,500 specialized experts, who are not your typical consultants. We combine unmatched expertise with cutting-edge engagement capabilities to help clients solve their most complex challenges, navigate change and shape the future.
Innovasea (Vemco) 213, 214 VEMCO is the world leader in the development of acoustic telemetry monitoring and tracking systems used by researchers worldwide for behaviour, migration and positioning studies of aquatic animals in fresh and saltwater environments. VEMCO will be joined by HTI-VEMCO USA, Inc., a manufacturer of hydroacoustic fisheries research equipment (acoustic tags, acoustic tag receivers and active hydroacoustic systems). HTI-VEMCO also conducts hydroacoustic research in oceans, lakes, and rivers, and at hydropower dams, estuaries and shipping locks.
Juniper Systems 400 Juniper Systems’ rugged handheld computers and sub-meter GPS receivers are ideal for fisheries applications. From stream surveys to electrofishing applications, our handhelds are preferred throughout the industry in both marine and fresh water environments. All Juniper Systems handheld field computers feature an ultra-rugged design (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof), sunlight readable displays, long battery life, ergonomic design, and field-swappable batteries. Options for GPS, cameras with geotagging capabilities, barcode scanners, and RFID are also available.
Little Pond Nature Prints 414 I practice the Japanese art of Gyotaku, also known as fish printing. The technique utilizes the actual fish, invertebrates, or botanicals in the process.
Marisource (dba CFM Consolidated) 203 Premier Manufacturer of Vertical Fish Incubation systems for Salmon, Trout, Pacific Geoducks, Oysters, Steelhead and other aquatic species and hatchery equipment. RAS Systems.
McMillen Jacobs Associates 407 We are a full-service environmental, engineering, and construction firm in the water resources, hydropower and fisheries (passage and aquaculture) markets. Our technical skills include environmental studies and permits; civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulics/hydrology and geotechnical engineering. We have leading professionals in aquaculture (RAS, PRAS), fish passage (downstream, upstream), fish screening, fish collection (juvenile, adult); permitting and regulatory assistance; dams; spillway, intake, and water conveyance design and rehabilitation projects.
Media Cybernetics 238 Media Cybernetics believes in its ability to enable and transform the way consumers and businesses use information to advance science and innovation, improving the world’s products, processes, and ability to make new discoveries. With 35 years in experience delivering software products that continuously exceed our customer expectations with such products as AutoQuant and Image-Pro, Media Cybernetics continues its journey of delivering best in class imaging analysis tools.
Midwest Lake Electrofishing Systems 221 We design and manufacture cool electrofishing gear that works. Others copy our ideas, which makes us a leader in the industry. We also have awesome customer service and great problem solving skills.
Miller Net Company Inc 200 Miller Net Company is a family business with a product line developed from four generations. Our hand-crafted nets are built in our net shop using only the finest materials-no seconds or inferior netting ever used. We have years of experience specializing in trap/fyke/nets,experimental gill nets, hoop nets, etc.
National Fish Habitat Partnership 211 Since 2006, the National Fish Habitat Partnership has implemented over 840 projects in all 50 states through 20 regional partnerships. Many of these projects have been fostered through coordination efforts by state fish and wildlife and natural resource agencies and are making a difference conserving fish habitat and improving angling opportunities across the country.
Natural Areas Association 237 The Natural Areas Association has been dedicated to the support and advancement of natural areas professionals for 40+ years. We serve the people who manage our land and water resources and directly participate in restoration and conservation efforts, including natural lands and natural resource managers, land trust staff and volunteers, biologists, ecologists, researchers, policy specialists, educators, and students. NAA provides access to tools, science-based information and the supportive network they need to do their jobs.
NOAA Fisheries 421 NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and their habitat. We provide vital services for the nation: productive and sustainable fisheries, safe sources of seafood, the recovery and conservation of protected resources, and healthy ecosystems–all backed by sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to management.
NOAA West Coast Region 241 Table run by West Coast Region of NOAA Fisheries providing information
Northwest Marine Technology Inc 310 We specialize in fish tags and fish tagging, and invite you to explore their applications to your project. Our tags include Coded Wire Tags (CWT), Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) and Visible Implant Alpha (VI Alpha). They were first developed for salmon, but are now used worldwide for fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, reptiles, amphibians and other animals. Projects range from identifying a few animals in the lab to coastwide programs.
Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve 306
Oregon RFID 413 Oregon RFID manufactures equipment for tracking fish and wildlife using both high and low frequency PIT tags and readers. Our products are used worldwide for scientific research and commercial operations.
Pacific Netting Products, Inc 248 Founded in 1997, Pacific Netting provides exclusion, guidance, and collection solutions for fish, debris, algae and silt; products and services that enhance generation output, protect environment and satisfy regulatory concerns. Visit us or email for more information.
Prescott College 228 Founded in 1966, Prescott College offers four-year undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and Ph.D. programs utilizing an experiential, self-directed model that attracts students motivated to make a difference in the world. For more information, visit Our MS in Environmental Studies is 100% online and highly customizable in order to achieve your individual goals.
Qubit Systems Inc. 417 Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the instrumentation for industry, research and teaching in the biological and environmental sciences. We manufactures and sell a broad range of gas analyzers, environmental sensors, instruments for aquatic and terrestrial animal biology, plant and soil physiology, algal research, human physiology and a broad range of packages for teaching biology. Our Q-Box AQUA Aquatic respiration packages are ideal for both teaching and reserch.
Quinney College of Natural Resources 202 The S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources employs teaching, research, and extension programs to better understand our natural ecosystems and to foster the sustainable use of our resources. Our programs integrate across biological, physical, and socioeconomic aspects of ecosystems, with the goals of advancing scientific knowledge relevant to natural resources, producing effective future leaders in both research and management arenas, and translating research findings into management practices.
Real Time Research Inc. 408 Real Time Research provides a simple yet powerful data intelligence platform that equips projects, teams and organizations with all the software, utilities, cloud services, expertise and support necessary to quickly and cost effectively implement a full-feature data intelligence platform.
Running Rivers 422 At Running Rivers, our mission is to conserve and restore native fish populations in freshwater ecosystems by inspiring people to engage in conservation through recreation, education, and on-the-ground projects.
Seafood Analytics 225 We have a automated fishboard that will measure length, weight, energy content, and body composition. We also have a handheld unit that measures health and condition of fish.
Sigma Eight Inc. 330 Sigma Eight Inc. is a leading provider of state of the art VHF tracking technology. We produce the only fully programmable tags and flexible software defined radios applied to fish and wildlife tracking. We also provide the only cloud based data collection system which facilitates remote collection and near real time processing of your data. Data access is securely provided by login from any web browser.
Sitka Technology Group 311 Sitka Technology Group is a technology and data management firm that develops knowledge infrastructures for conservation, restoration, and sustainable development.
Smith-Root, Inc. 300, 301, 331 Since 1964 Smith-Root has continually produced the highest quality products for fisheries, fish-culture and invasive species control. Products include backpack, boat and shore electrofishing equipment, electric fish-barriers, hatchery fish-stunning and sorting, fish counting, electric-fish-handling gloves, environmental DNA collection and detection products as well as eDNA Lab Services. Thanks to all the great scientists, technicians, volunteers, and members of AFS whose support has allowed us to grow into the respected, international company we are today.
Sonotronics 425 SONOTRONICS is THE pioneer in acoustic telemetry for animal tracking. Now celebrating 46 years producing ultrasonic transmitters, receivers, and hydrophones for tracking animals and equipment underwater.
Subsea Technologies, Inc. 409 Subsea Technologies is a rugged field computing solutions provider, and also offers sales, rentals, and service of GPS/GNSS & underwater positioning systems, ROV instrumentation & tooling, and side scan sonar & sub-bottom profiler systems. Featuring products from: Handheld, DeepSea Power & Light, AML Oceanographic, Applied Acoustics, Hemisphere GNSS, and more. See our Handheld product showcase at the AFS & TWS 2019 Joint Annual Conference!
Sunfish Fish Farm 216 Warm Water sports fish farm stocking live fish around the west. We also sell Aeration Systems.
SWCA Environmental Consultants 229 SWCA is one of the largest environmental compliance firms across the country with 31 office locations and 1000+ staff. Since 1981, we’ve helped our clients navigate the environmental compliance process. Our employee-owned firm focuses solely on environmental science, permitting and compliance. We are recognized leaders for bringing sound science and creative solutions to every project. For more information, visit
Teknologic 404 Teknologic provides juvenile salmon acoustic telemetry system (JSATS) autonomous and shore-based receiver systems along with ancillary systems that augment fishery studies. 2D/3D tag location systems based on our receivers provide sub-meter accuracy in stationary and free floating deployments. We’ve provided successful solutions for JSATS since 2002.
Walker Basin Conservancy 222 The Walker Basin Conservancy is leading the effort to restore and maintain Walker Lake while protecting agricultural, environmental, and recreational interests throughout the Walker Basin. The Conservancy works to restore Walker Lake through the voluntary sale and lease of water rights in the Walker Basin. When restoration goals are reached, Lahontan cutthroat trout and other key species may thrive in Walker Lake once again.
West Marine Pro 235 West Marine is proud to serve research and conservation organizations through our wholesale division West Marine Pro. With more than 240 retail store locations and nationwide distribution network we provide the nation’s largest selection of boating and marine related products and accessories from over 1000 major vendors. Our dedicated government representatives are looking forward to assisting you with your procurement needs.
Whooshh Innovations 215 Whooshh Innovations provides solutions for volitional fish passage that are safe, timely, efficient and effective. Transport times are short, even for high head dams, with no measurable stress or injury to the fish. In addition, our standalone fish scanning and sorting systems enable biologists to collect accurate count and species information without needing to handle fish. The data collected in real time can be used to sort live fish to different destinations.
Wildlife Computers 309 Wildlife Computers is the leading provider of advanced wildlife telemetry solutions. Propelled by its mission to promote the sustainable use of our global environment, Wildlife Computers creates the most innovative marine technologies that empower data-driven decisions. Wildlife Computers provides unique consultative services, an unsurpassed commitment to quality, and impeccable customer service to get you the data you need when you need it. Learn more at
Wildscapes Inc 230 Wildscape raises caddisfly larva in simulated streams. Naturally, the caddisfly larva builds with natural stones in their stream habitat. We raise the caddisfly larva with gemstones in a simulated stream. After the adults emerge and are released, we create one of a kind pieces of art made my the Caddisfly.
Wiley 329 Wiley, a global company, helps people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, combined with our digital learning, assessment and certification solutions help universities, societies, businesses, governments, and individuals increase the academic and professional impact of their work.
World Fisheries Congress 2020 247 The World Fisheries Congress is the premier international fisheries conference held every four years to bring together researchers, industry and management to advance developments and cooperation in fisheries science, conservation and management. Showcasing commercial, recreational and indigenous fisheries the next World Fisheries Congress ‘Sharing our oceans and rivers – a vision for the world’s fisheries,’ held in Adelaide, Australia, 11-15 October 2020, will focus on sustainable development of the world’s oceans, lakes, estuaries and rivers.