Showcase your products and services at the first-ever AFS & TWS 2019 Joint Conference!!


Up to 5,000 professionals and students from all 50 states, as well as many international guests and partners from around the world, are expected to attend the AFS and TWS Joint Conference in Reno, Nevada, Sept. 29–Oct. 3, 2019. Attendees will represent every federal agency with a natural resources nexus, major universities, prominent NGOs and private industry with a vested interest in fish and wildlife and natural resources management.  The opportunity to meet other professionals, create new partnerships, and build collaborative approaches will help solve the wildlife conservation issues important to you and your staff.

Exhibitors will be showcased in our high-traffic Trade Show Hall and Members Activity Center, where attendees will gather to learn about your products and services.



The world’s leading thinkers on fish and wildlife science and management will collaborate to create unparalleled learning opportunities focused on key topics covering virtually every aspect of resource management. This event provides an immense potential for sharing science.


Up to 5,000 fish and wildlife professionals and students from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and beyond are expected to take part in the first ever 2019 Joint Conference.

Our attendees’ interests extend into several related disciplines including:

  • wildlife and habitat management
  • restoration ecology
  • aquaculture supplies
  • fish & wildlife tagging
  • biometrics
  • computer applications
  • hydroacoustic systems
  • filtration and aeration systems
  • wildlife biology and conservation education
  • environmental assessment
  • fish passage systems
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • remote sensing and telemetry
  • environmental toxicology

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TWS/wildlife Exhibitors
Contact Chuck Shively at chuck.shively@wildlife.org or 301-897-9770 ext. 305

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Contact Steve Kambouris at skambouris@fisheries.org or 301-897-8616 ext. 206
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If your organization is interested in further increasing your visibility and engagement with this highly-targeted audience of fish and wildlife professionals, educators, students and influencers, visit our Sponsor and Contributor Information page or contact Chuck Shively at chuck.shively@wildlife.org or 301-897-9770 ext. 305; or contact Katrina Dunn at kdunn@fisheries.org or 301-897-8616 ext. 213.

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