EXPAND YOUR NETWORK of peers, colleagues, mentors & friends during this year’s AFS & TWS Joint Conference!

Past conference attendees have reported that our slate of networking opportunities increased or strengthened their network of contacts, and the increased opportunities at this year’s 2019 Joint Conference will be unparalleled.

Up to 5,000 professionals and students from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and countries from around the world are expected to attend, representing every federal agency with a natural resources nexus, major universities, prominent NGOs and private industry with a vested interest in fish and wildlife and natural resources management. The opportunity to meet other professionals, create new partnerships and build collaborative approaches will help solve the wildlife conservation issues important to you and your staff.

As many as 100 different meetings and events will help you deepen and expand your network of professional contacts – contacts that you can leverage long after the conference ends.

Here are just a few of the networking opportunities that will be available to attendees:

See some examples of our networking opportunities from last year’s conference: