A Process-Based Approach to Wetland Management (hosted by TWS)

TWS Workshop

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Wetlands are diverse systems that cross all ecological regions and include floodplain forests, coastal marshes, prairie potholes, playa lakes, and wet meadows. Abiotic drivers that shape ecological processes in wetlands result in different vegetative structure and biotic communities among wetland habitats. A process-level understanding of wetlands can facilitate successful restoration and management. Improved wetland restoration and management approaches are needed because natural processes promoting biodiversity and productivity in wetlands have been compromised as a result of intensive human modifications.  This workshop focuses on the foundational concepts required to recognize abiotic factors unique to each management site and link those conditions with the biotic communities that determine the potential for management success. Abiotic conditions that drive wetland processes, such as climatic, hydrologic, soil, and geomorphic, will be discussed at a level accessible to beginners and in a context that is meaningful to more experienced wetland professionals. Interlinkages among abiotic processes and responses of plants, invertebrates, wildlife, and fish will then be explored.  Examples of the successful application of these principles in temperate, arid, tropical, coastal, floodplain, and Mediterranean habitats across the United States will be presented, followed by an open discussion on wetlands.  Instructors have over 200 years of wetland experience in all 50 states, on over 300 National Wildlife Refuges and many state and private management areas in a diversity of ecosystem settings.  Their professional experiences range from university and graduate professors to state and federal wildlife biologists, land management experts, wetland ecologists, as well as private and nonprofit specialists.
Organizers: Leigh Fredrickson, Adonia Henry, Sammy King, Cary Aloia, John Vradenburg, Frank Nelson, Joe Silveira
Supported by: Wetlands Working Group; Wetland Management and Educational Services, Inc; Scaup & Willet LLC; Wetland Dynamics, LLC

TWS Workshop
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: September 29, 2019 Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm