California Environmental Quality Act 101 for Biologists (hosted by TWS)

TWS Workshop

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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) was enacted in 1970, in response to the 1969 passage of the National Environmental Policy Act. Most wildlife and fisheries biologists working in the State of California will encounter CEQA at some point in their careers – either through assisting with the preparation of a CEQA document (e.g., Environmental Impact Report) or implementing mitigation measures embedded in a CEQA document. Please join us for a half-day workshop discussing CEQA for Biologists! Ever wonder how much information needs to be included in the setting section? What about writing mitigation measures for species when you don’t know if they are present? Topics covered include: CEQA background, processes, and procedures; information gathering (i.e., developing the project description, preparing for and conducting field surveys, and determining potential for species occurrence); preparing a biological resources section (including regulatory and environmental settings, thresholds of significance, impact analysis and determination, mitigation measures, and cumulative impacts); key legal rulings; and practice scenarios.
Organizers: Kelly Holland, Anne King
Supported by: GEI Consultants

TWS Workshop
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: September 30, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm