Keepin’ It Clean: Biosecurity & Biosafety for Biologists and Scientists (hosted by TWS)

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Human activities, including those by fish and wildlife professionals, can place people at risk of infection with diseases animals may carry because numerous diseases are zoonotic. These activities can also pose risks for transferring infectious diseases to new areas. In the fish health sphere, Whirling Disease has spread when fishermen moving between rivers use gear that has not been properly disinfected, and moving fish stocks between watersheds has introduced Bacterial Kidney Disease to new locations. With respect to wildlife, translocation of raccoons from the southeast US for hunting introduced rabies to the northeast US. The potential for the fungus responsible for White Nose Syndrome to be carried on caving gear is a possible mechanism by which the disease was introduced to North America. It is good practice to have biosecurity and biosafety protocols when working with fish and wildlife and when moving equipment, gear, and animals between geographic locations and populations of animals to minimize the risk of disease transmission. This workshop will bring together experts in fish and wildlife health to collaboratively train biologists and scientists in the principles and practices of biosecurity and biosafety that they can use to protect their health, fish and wildlife health, and reduce the risk of disease transmission during the course of management and research activities. Featuring a mix of interactive/collaborative components, lectures, and hands-on sessions, this workshop will focus on practical and relevant aspects of biosecurity and biosafety that fish and wildlife professionals can incorporate into their everyday work.
Organizers: Julie Blanchong, Krysten Schuler, Patrice Klein, Benjamin R. LaFrentz, Nora Hickey
Supported by: TWS Wildlife Dieases Working Group; AFS Fish Health Section

TWS Workshop
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: September 29, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm