Multi-benefit Project Planning and Execution in California: Finding Synergy and Balance Among Competing Interests (hosted by TWS)

TWS Panel Discussion
Increasingly, obtaining funding for infrastructure projects in the State of California mandates the development and delivery of a project that not only achieves the built objective (e.g., flood protection, water storage, etc.), but equally considers and incorporates other important goals and objectives, including restoring ecosystem function, improving fish and wildlife habitat, improving water quality, retaining and promoting agriculture, and increasing recreational opportunities. Successful implementation of these multi-benefit (also known as multi-objective) projects necessitates navigating through a myriad of regulatory, design, financial, ecological, and management interests and constraints.  This session brings together experts and practitioners to discuss the successes, challenges, and hurdles to achieving balance in multi-benefit projects and will provide insight on how multi-benefit project objectives are defined and achieved in a landscape of competing interests and limited resources. The panel will consist of Kris Tjernell, California Department of Water Resources, Deputy Director for the Integrated Watershed Management Program; Carl Wilcox, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Policy Advisor to the Director for the Delta; Elisa Sabatini, County of Yolo, Manager of Natural Resources; Tim Washburn, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, Director of Planning (Retired Annuitant), and Jennifer Pierre, State Water Contractors, General Manager (invited). Each panelist will have an opportunity to briefly present multi-benefit project case studies and share their experience and insights in working through all aspects of a multi-benefit project including: planning and design, regulatory permitting and approval, construction, and long-term stewardship. Panelists will have an opportunity to share experiences in seeking interdisciplinary collaboration among various stakeholders in order to balance different objectives. A facilitator will then lead a question and answer session – including opportunities for audience participation – that explores the trade-offs of different objectives within multi-benefit projects.
Organizers: Lynn Hermansen, Mark Ashenfelter, Vance Howard
Supported by: GEI Consultants, Inc.

TWS Panel Discussion
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: October 1, 2019 Time: 8:00 am - 9:40 am