Tech Talk: Data Collection Module (DCM) (hosted by AFS)

Special Event
ROOM: RSCC, Hall 2: Tech Talks Area

Data Collection Module (DCM) Tech Talk:
The Biomark Data Collection Module (DCM) was developed to support electronic data collection using readily available and relatively inexpensive tablets. The DCM is fully customizable, allowing users to create data collection templates that feature repeating data fields (e.g., date, location, species, project, etc.), drop-down menus, and the ability to enforce data requirements and acceptable input ranges. DCM interfaces via Bluetooth with handheld RFID readers, electronic fish measuring boards, scales, and bar code scanners supporting nearly hand-free data collection, and eliminating the complications associated with cabled connections. Data is easily exported in excel, .csv, or text format.
Talk Synopsis: • Session/ Template creation
• Initial Bluetooth, Data Fields, and General Data Configuration • Connecting Bluetooth devices
• Making custom fields

• Example of Data Collection • Scanning tags
• Taking Lengths and weights

• Exporting Data
• Cloning the Data Fields for a new day’s data collection
• Questions?

Organizers: Matt Brower
Supported by: Matt Brower

Special Event
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: October 1, 2019 Time: 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm