Trapping Matters Workshop – Effectively Communicating Wildlife Management (hosted by TWS)

TWS Workshop

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The topic of regulated trapping can be among the most contentious and least understood subject within wildlife management programs. Many wildlife professionals are unfamiliar with trapping and shy away from trapping-related discussions with their peers and the public because of their lack of knowledge and familiarity with regulated trapping. Yet, it is essential that wildlife professionals understand the diverse ways that trapping provides environmental, social and economic benefits. Wildlife agencies rely primarily on trappers to assist with managing furbearer populations, restoring species, and resolving human-wildlife interactions. Researchers rely on traps and experienced trappers for the successful and efficient capture of research animals. This workshop will help participants understand and better communicate the benefits of regulated trapping and the many ways in which it contributes to wildlife management programs.  Primary tools and techniques of trapping will be presented with specific emphasis on the development of trapping Best Management Practices, their availability, and how they can be used effectively by wildlife professionals. Information provided during the workshop will include a review of public opinion data, focus group and human dimensions studies on the topic of trapping, and what are the lessons learned and effective communication measures to use when discussing this topic among varied audiences. Participants will leave with scientifically sound information and be trained in skills that will make them effective communicators on this subject matter. This workshop is being conducted in conjunction with a Furbearer Symposium that will showcase advancements in technology to facilitate furbearer research, surveys and monitoring efforts.
Organizers: Colleen Olfenbuttel, John Olson
Supported by: TWS Hunting, Trapping and Conservation Working Group; TWS Wildlife Damage Management Working Group; US Fish and Wildlife Service; Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation; Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

TWS Workshop
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: September 29, 2019 Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm