What Does the Future of TWS International Involvement Look Like? (hosted by TWS)

TWS Panel Discussion
The Wildlife Society has been working to define its role within the international community of wildlife practitioners for over 2 decades. TWS is viewed largely as a North American institution centered upon the United States and Canada. Despite interest by members in elevating the presence and role of TWS in international spheres, and hosting 5 international wildlife management congresses, international membership has remained low. The Society began to question whether hosting international wildlife management congresses and seeking international members was the best and most effective way to engage in issues at the international level. In 2017, Council formed the Future of International Involvement ad-hoc Committee tasked with determining how TWS could enhance international activities and to prepare a 10-year approach to involvement in international wildlife management and conservation forums. International involvement options currently in development include Society membership in the IUCN, co-sponsorship of events at international venues and support of international conferences hosted by TWS affiliates (e.g. a symposium at ICCB 2019 in Kuala Lumpur and sponsoring the first Conference of Wildlife Management and Conservation in Mexico), and supporting a TWS Mexico Chapter. The Committee continues to explore other venues for international involvement and partnerships with international organizations. The purpose of this panel is to present current international involvement actions to TWS and AFS members, gauge membership interest in and support for future initiatives, and solicit ideas. We hope this panel discussion will facilitate a discussion with members and gauge interest in and support for various modes of international involvement. Panelists include: Fidel Hernandez, past TWS SW Section Representative John McDonald, past president TWS Harriet Allen, TWS NW Section Representative Julie Claussen, past-president of the AFS International Fisheries Section Steven Cooke, past-president of the AFS International Fisheries Section Shane Mahoney, TWS Canadian Section
Organizers: Melissa Merrick, Fidel Hernandez, Harriet Allen, John McDonald
Supported by: TWS Future of International Involvement ad-hoc Committee, TWS International Wildlife Management Working Group

TWS Panel Discussion
Location: Reno-Sparks CC Date: October 2, 2019 Time: 8:00 am - 9:40 am