Rebecca “Becky” Humphries

Chief Executive Officer, National Wild Turkey Federation

Becky Humphries is the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Prior to becoming the Chief Conservation Officer and now the CEO position of the NWTF, she worked for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for 32 years. Starting as a field biologist and culminating her career as the Director of the agency, she worked on numerous public communication challenges.  She has also worked for Ducks Unlimited and has held national leadership positions in state and federal advisory committees and conservation nonprofit organizations. Her talk will focus on the terms “sustainable, “renewable” and “local” — terms with positive connotation to many in our society.  Individuals are actively using their buying power to support goods and services that they find as positive.  Becky will explore how we communicate as a profession compared to marketers approach this communication challenge.  Are we missing opportunities to connect with people with our professional jargon?

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