Creating and executing a conference with this much scope and depth would not be possible without the support of great people, businesses and organizations committed to the future of wildlife conservation.

Find out how supporting this year’s conference can grow your organization’s visibility, recognition and engagement among our expected audience up to 5,000 natural resources professionals, influencers, students and supporters.

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TWS/wildlife Sponsors
Contact Chuck Shively at chuck.shively@wildlife.org or 301-897-9770 ext. 305

AFS/fisheries Sponsors
Contact Katrina Dunn at kdunn@fisheries.org or 301-897-8616 ext. 213

Please beware of scams!
Please beware of any conference-related logistics communications NOT sent directly from TWS, AFS or our contracted decorator, Alliance. These may be email fraud, scams, or otherwise misleading communications. Should you receive any suspicious emails, or have any questions, please contact the AFS and TWS staff listed above.