The future of our natural resources lies in the hands and minds of students. That’s just one of the reasons why AFS and TWS are proud to have hundreds of student chapters at universities across North America, and why we make a special effort to create great opportunities for students at our Annual Conferences.

This year’s 2019 Joint Conference will offer students unprecedented networking opportunities, drawing as many as 5,000 fish and wildlife professionals and students from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and beyond, representing every federal agency with a wildlife or fisheries nexus, major universities, prominent NGOs and private industry with a vested interest in fish, wildlife and natural resources management.

“All students who plan to have a career in natural resources should make efforts to attend at least once. The experience is priceless for your career.”

–Matthew Burgess, University of Florida

Get a quick overview of the student experience, including networking and career planning opportunities:

Career-related Symposia and Events